My Masters Top Ten: Numbers 10 To 6



With the Masters fast approaching I thought it would be good fun to collate my ‘personal’ top ten Master’s moments. Two keys words in that sentence are 'my personal' so please forgive me if these are centred on more modern times then would normally be on a top ten list. (please feel free to add your moments) Debate them with me @Larne I love a good Golf conversation

(I am hoping to cause less controversy then Roddy Graham did reviewing Ed Shearan's album!) – You can read that brilliant review here:-

I will do 5 tonight and 5 tomorrow*. (10 - 6 tonight) So without further ado let’s begin:- ** turned in to two weeks!! ***

10) Tiger Wood’s hitting the flag - So some people may be surprised by my first option. Tiger woods hitting the flag makes it in to the top ten but why was this a dramatic moment? The year was 2013 – Tiger was on the charge and right in the mix when approaching the 15th Green.

When this happened

Tiger, then dropping after his ball had ricocheted of the flag in to the water, openly admitted afterwards he had gained an advantage by purposely dropping the ball a further 2 yards back intentionally rather than closest to the spot to where he had played from.

This then led to hours and hours of coverage on whether Tiger would be disqualified or whether it would be a penalty. ‘Disqualify him’ cried the Press ‘Don’t penalise him’ cried the Tigerholics. Tiger wound up with a two shot penalty. You have to feel if the ball had missed the flag and stopped around 5 feet for birdie like it was meant to history may have been very different.

People forget Tiger won 5 times in 2013! Who knows if he had got Major number 15 and his 4th green jacket what might have been***** **** In joke from this infamous interview by Michael Vaughan ***

9) Ernie Els – 7 putting the First green (or 6 putting depending on where you read) Words can’t describe how sad it makes me to put this in the list but it was a shocking and striking moment that resonated with so many golfers watching on TV. Ernie is a favourite, the Big easy has done so many great things in the game.

Watching him Struggle on the first hole at the 2016 Masters strikes a chord with so many golfers as we all have experienced a moment like that on the green but a) Not in front of Millions of people watching at home b) Usually not on the 1st round of your tournament with another 35 holes to go. (minimum)