My Golf Life - Day 72 - ByTheMinute Invitational 2017 (Forest of Arden)


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Hi, I am @robertscross and welcome to Day 58 of My Golf Life 2017 I think about golf every day, without fail. Maybe not daily but hourly or even (no pun intended) “ByTheMinute” I am a golf junkie. I can’t help it. If you’ve missed days 1- 59 then have a little look here

Firstly apologies for being away for a short period. Work commitments ! But I'm here now and with some amazing news. The inaugural ByTheMinute Invitational 2017 has been confirmed and will take place at Forest of Arden on 2nd and 3rd April ! A handpicked field, will be covered live from on the course.

Two days of LIVE normal golf. The field is made up of 8 golfers, who are all busy preparing for this event. More info as soon as we have it - but we'll be looking at each player in more detail closer to the time.

I'll be back soon with more information, but the plan is (if successful) open the entry out to some of the BTM writers :)