Rugby U


B: Hello!! So don't worry we are totally here but are understandably distracted by the end of France-Wales.....


B: I promise you will get some coverage of the Grand Slam decider any second... or not. This French game might never finish! Anyway, eventually it will be @beckyflashhart and @doreguymike with you, an English gal and an Irish guy, the dream team.

M. good day from the frozen tundra that is Edmonton Alberta. Its all nice & fuzzy inside the St. Albert Rugby Clubhouse as the Welsh fans go nuts !!!!

B: Recovered from St Paddy's day yet Mike? Or are you just continuing on in stoic fashion?

M. I failed to acquire my perch due to national celebrations last night so I am sequestered beneath our giant screen here. Tis a gas place for shure.

B: Hair of the dog will fix everything. And it will make you care less when England break the world record and win their 19th consecutive match.... and the Grand Slam

M. for the benefit of our avid fans, I am carrying on in true party mode, all be it after being punched, farted upon and had a drink pilfered last night. A classic leprauchan night,

B: Impressive stuff. How will you follow it up should the unthinkable happen and Ireland win? A naked snow angel whilst singing Oh Danny Boy?

M. it will be a titanic struggle at the Aviva for sure. Last time I had the pleasure was 5 Nations 1987, in the pissing rain, and Michael Kiernan popped a penalty to beat England 20-17. Yes, it is 30 yrs on already.

B: Not to make you feel old or anything but that was the year I was born! Right, England team news - Big Billy is back at No. 8, and Watson starts on the wing in place of Nowell