Rugby U


B: Hello!! So don't worry we are totally here but are understandably distracted by the end of France-Wales.....


B: Balls.

M. said my aunt. if I had them I'd be king.

M. Award the try said the TMO. And we lead the Limeys again.

B: Try to Ireland. They lead 8-3 after 24 minutes. Make that 10-3 as Sexton knocks over the conversion. Mike get me a drink. I need one. England have gone back to their slightly slow starting former ways.

M. 1st try of the evening to Ireland. OK what ARE YOU HAVING !!!

B: Also, Itoje, Vunipola et al are coughing up penalties at inopportune moments. Time to silence the crowd boys! A double double. Of whatever is going. England are looking so slow by comparison, and clumsy.

M. The fields of Athenry ringing out at the Aviva. BTW, rumour has it I sang that also last night.

M. 27 gone and its end to end stuff. 70 miles an hour w my hair on fire.

B: If England don't get their act together you'll be singing again any second. We desperately need to keep some possession and rebuild. Lawes pinged for not retreating. We are looking stupid. WHERE'S MY DRINK

B: Hartley is moaning at the ref. Sour grapes. Shut up and START PLAYING