Westminster Terror Attack

UK News


- Police officer stabbed inside the gates of Parliament - One woman dead and several others are critically injured after a car hit pedestrians on Westminster Bridge. Car crashed into perimeter fence. - Assailant shot by armed police. Police officer also dead. - Police say they are treating it as a terrorist incident and buildings are in lockdown


Welcome to our live page as shots are heard outside Parliament. Major police operation underway.

The House of Parliament are currently in lockdown. Reports are that a man with a knife or machete got into Parliament and stabbed a policeman.

Sky have cameras trained on parliament square from multiple angles. An air ambulance has landed in the centre of the square.

Traffic only really being stopped in the last 60 seconds. Cordons going up. Reports now that a car may have hit some pedestrians on Westminster Bridge.

A report now that the assailant with the knife is the one that has been shot. Three or four shots were heard from inside the House of Commons.

Ten or twelve bodies on Westminster Bridge now being reported.

Parliament suspended. The House of Commons TV feed showing a clock.

MPs being updated in the Commons now with latest information regarding the firearms incident. The House remains suspended until further notice. The feed cuts back to the clock.

A Sky colleague now providing eye witness reports of a 4X4 crashing into a cyclist outside Westminster Tube station. The driver sprinted from the scene and then four gunshots were heard.