Tomorrow's Papers Special: Westminster Terror Attack

UK News


Hello. Andrew Corcoran here. Let's see how the newspaper front pages are looking after a day of terror in Westminster.

FINANCIAL TIMES was one of the first to be released.

METRO uses the "We Are Not Afraid" meme that has been doing the rounds today in its header, also circling the knife that was potentially used in the attack.

DAILY STAR has a similar front cover, using a later photo of the alleged assailant on a gurney.

DAILY EXPRESS using a similar photo to the Metro, although they pixellate the faces of the officers involved.

THE GUARDIAN show an image of the police officer trying to be resuscitated by minister Tobias Ellwood.

THE TIMES has a long shot on its front cover of both the assailant and the fatally wounded police officer both being dealt with.

THE DAILY TELEGRAPH uses a clearer picture of the alleged attacker.

DAILY MIRROR trying to get "22/3" started above a similar photo to other national front pages.

I uses the photograph of the attempts to revive the fallen police officer, named in the past few moments as Keith Palmer.