Evening, @alecb7 here bring you completely unbiased coverage of Jaguars @ Ravens #gojags

2-6 Jags vs the 2-6 Ravens, what could be more fun?

Jags coming off a gut-wrenching loss at the jets last week, but with a young team theres hope that 1 day they might win... might...

A lot of hopes in Baltimore for a long shot at the playoffs, stranger things have happened

Kick off goes for a touchback, jags on offence

TJ Yeldon loses 2 yards on the first play, 2-12

The Albino Tiger Marqise lee with an end around for 3 yards

Pressure on bortles leads to an incomplete pass, jags punt, ravens start at the 31

Nick Boyle with a 25 yd catch, whoever he is. ravens into jags territory

Forsett for no gain, 2-10 at the jags 44