Evening All. Last night we had a blowout and a classic. Tonight we do it all again as the NFL Wild Card playoffs continue

I'm Stephen Clark and I'm desperately trying to sort out my internet issues before we kick off tonights first game

Currently working off my phone so apologies in advance for any typos my auto correct chucks out in the early stages

The big news other than the weather in Minneapolis is that Marshawn Lynch is missing for the Seahawks. No Beast Mode tonight

Perfect timing as I am ready to rock and roll just as we cross to Minneapolis for the kick off. And if it's like last night hold on tight!

Best comms in the business tonight as we have Al Michaels and Cris Collinsworth on duty and we are underway.

Short kick off, short return and Minnesota will start deep in their own territory.

1st & 10 and a handoff to Adrian Peterson for no gain. 2nd & 11 and a 10 yard throw from Bridgwater to Wallace brings up 3rd & 1

Peterson barrels forward for the first down but there is a flag. It's offside against the Seahawks. FIRST DOWN!!

Small ball is the Vikings game and Peterson with another short run on first down. 2nd & 8 and Bridgwater on the slant for a 1st down