My Masters Top Ten: Numbers 5 To 1



Hi Folks, Week or so ago I did my personal Masters countdown from 10-6. Due to a number of different scenarios I have had to delay the top 5 till now. (To Review 10-6 please click here - ) @Larne here again hoping to take people away from talking about Article 50 and focusing on the most exciting week of the year MASTERS WEEK!!!

With LESS then a week to the 2017 Masters here are my top 5 moments. Please remember these are a Personal Top 10 so please feel free to add your own moments. So without further ado here is the countdown from 5 -1.

5) Nick Faldo Chases Down the Great White Shark (Greg Norman) 1996 Most of the moments within this top ten have centred on a moment that centred around a specific pinpoint. One defining shot, one moment of brilliance or Disaster. Faldo chasing down Greg Norman was more a slow marauding storyline that developed over the course of the back 9.

I don’t remember this entirely as I was only 9 but I remember the hatred my Grandma had for Faldo and how badly she wanted Norman to win the Green Jacket. My grandma was yelling at the TV in despair as Greg squandered shot after shot & Faldo in his machine like way kept picking up birdie here or there to eat in to the White sharks lead. This is why this moment has such a resonance to me.

Going in to the final round no one had ever lost a major from a 6 shot lead. Here is how the story unfolded....

7 Holes in everything was going swimmingly for the White Shark. Norman maintained a 4 shot lead. Then over a span of 5 holes including a double bogey on the Infamous 12th it started to fall apart.

The Final nail was struck in to Normans Coffin when he pulled his tee shot in to the water on the 16th. I do not know who was more emotional my grandma cradling a small whiskey or the proud Aussie.

Faldo always wanted this tournament to be remembered for the 67 he shot, however as history has showed this moment will always be remembered for 'Norman's Choke' and his love hate affair with the Masters tournament.

4) Tigers woods First Major 1997 (changes golf forever) Think about what you were achieving at the age of 21? I was probably proudly necking a pint of top shelf Spirits dressed in some stupid fancy dress outfit. Eldrick Tont ‘Tiger’ Woods was slowly changing the face of golf forever. Breaking down barriers &moving the game from the corner of the back page to the front pages of every newspaper.

Sure I could write about this forever but please check out this fascinating programme from bbc 5 live where they discuss how truly memorable this moment was