South Carolina Gamecocks

Gonzaga Bulldogs


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Hi guys, Ollie here, getting ready to take you through the NCAA March Madness semi-final matchup between South Carolina Gamecocks and Gonzaga Bulldogs

Tip-off is at 23:09, so join me from *about* 2300 for every shot, dribble and dunk, LIVE as they happen - with ByTheMinute's NCAA Coverage.

Before that though, let's get some background information on the teams;

South Carolina were the 7th seed in the East Regional bracket.

Their progress was as follows; 1st Round; 93 - 73 win against 10th seed Marquette 2nd Round; 88 - 81 win against 2nd seed Duke SF; 70 - 50 win against 3rd seed Baylor Final; 77 - 70 win against 4th seed Florida

Gonzaga were the 1st seed in the West Regional bracket.

Their progress was as follows; 1st Round; 66 - 46 win against 16th seed South Dakota State 2nd Round; 79 - 73 win against 8th seed Northwestern SF; 61 - 58 win against 4th seed West Virginia Final; 83 - 59 win against 11th seed Xavier

Tweet in from Tom Mills; "C'MON BULLDOGS". Well, he better be following this coverage - that's all imma say

ESPN's Power Index gives Gonzaga an 88.2% chance of winning this fixture; SC on 11.8%. That's all the information I need to make my mind up - South Carolina are going to win! ;)

South Carolina come into this game with a 26-10 record in the 2016/17 season; they did lose 6 of their last 9 Conference games, though.