Glasgow Warriors

Rugby U


3- Brilliant stuff from Saracens, picked clever lines and Ashton is over in the corner, looked to be in touch though, Garces goes up to the TMO.

3- This is actually a lot closer than I originally thought, Ashton is in touch but his feet might be off the ground, incredible finish if it's given.

3- NO TRY given, was very close though, terrific effort from Ashton and a great start from Saracens.

TRY SARACENS! Think this one is good, brilliant score, Farrell made it, Ashton fed Maitland but we've gone to TMO again.

4- Brilliant tackle from Hogg, no try again but only a matter of time before Saracens score.

6- Saracens on the attack again as a chip through from Bosch pins Glasgow right back in their own 22.

7- Glasgow lose their own lineout in the 22 but Saracens can't take advantage and knock on.

8- Saracens earn themselves a penalty as Glasgow fail to roll, kickable this for Farrell.

9- Simple enough for Farrell with the penalty, Saracens 3-0 Glasgow.

11- Glasgow with their first attack go right up the other end and earn themselves a penalty, Russell going for goal and they get themselves on the board. 3-3.