Glasgow Warriors

Rugby U


30- Really nice line from Rhodes, Saracens into the Glasgow 22 again, but the Warriors defence so far excellent.

30- Ashton looks to have scored here but we've gone up to the TMO, looking for double movement but nothing doing, TRY SARACENS!

Farrell misses the extras, nothing more than Saracens deserve that try, 14-3 after 31 mins.

33- One way traffic here, one more score could finish Glasgow off.

35- HANDBAG ALERT! Glasgow win a penalty and there are some afters involving one of the Vunipolas.

36- Shocker for Glasgow as Russell misses touch with a penalty, now TMO wants to check a late hit on Goode.

36- Nothing in it and we go back for a Glasgow scrum.

38- PROPER FIGHT! Punches and everything, Farrell and Wilson the two involved, ref not wanting to look at anything.

39- Rhodes with a big carry takes Saracens into the 22 but Farrell puts in a poor kick and Glasgow can clear their lines.

Have Saracens scored again? Ashton looks to have scored but his foot is in touch, NO TRY.