Glasgow Warriors

Rugby U


59- Farrell converts the try, 21-8 Saracens.

61- Great effort from Glasgow in this second half but much like Leinster and Munster yesterday, Saracens are just a class above.

63- Russell finds touch with a penalty, ironic cheers from the Glasgow supporters.

64- Glasgow promptly lose the lineout but Saracens fail to clear their lines and the Warriors will have a scrum.

65- Solid scrum from Glasgow, they attack in the Saracens 22, have to score now you feel.

66- Flynn knocks forward, Saracens' famous wolf-pack defence has been rock solid for most of the day today.

68- After winning a penalty, Farrell kicks long, Saracens then get the rolling maul going and Glasgow are on the back foot again.

69- Goode goes in for Saracens but pulled back for obstruction, Saracens were playing advantage though so Farrell will have a kick from bang in front.

Farrell kicks the penalty to make it Saracens 24-8 Glasgow, 10 minutes left.

71- Duncan Taylor makes a break for Saracens, takes them to halfway, Glasgow look out on their feet