Wrestlemania 33



Good evening everyone. Here we are for the "ultimate thrill ride", Wrestlemania 33 from Orlando. Multi-man effort on ByTheMinute this evening with Jody Jamieson, Howard Crossland, James Leahy and me, Alistair Sargent, tag teaming to bring you over 6 hours of action this evening. Get comfy and get ready to chat along with us long in to the evening as all the action unfolds

If you're a casual WWE follower watching tonight for the first time since last year's Wrestlemania who needs to get up to speed, or you just want to fill the chatter time from the pre-show with a different voice than Jerry Lawler's, then Jody and Alistair chewed the fat of Mania and you can hear their preview right here. http://www.bytheminute.co/podcasts/bytheminwwe/529

JJ: Hey everyone. I'm Jody Jamieson. And as is a Wrestlemania tradition (ie, the second year in a row, so it's now a tradition) go check out this old classic.

AS: Evening everyone, and evening Jody. We've just seen our first "Wenger Out" sign of the evening in the crowd. Poor Arsene. There's no escape.

JJ: I missed it as I'm firing into Chinese food. Wrestlemania is an American tradition. As is eating. So why not?

AS: It's a bit faint in this video but here is that "Wenger Out" sign being enthusiastically waved in the crowd

JJ: Panel is Renee Young, Booker T, Jerry Lawler and Shawn Michaels. They're doing that thing where they're "predicting" what will happen. The pre-show is always a bit of nonsense really. But a few matches will make this whole experience worthwhile.

AS: Their chat is nonsense. Mute it and listen to our podcast

JJ: The whole panel picked AJ to beat Shane McMahon. Oh no....

AS: A preview for Seth Rollins vs Triple H in an unsanctioned "holds harmless" match playing now. Jody brilliantly discussed a holds harmless agreement during our podcast. It was an informative as well as ridiculous chat. I made a joke about Xavier Woods enjoying open relationships. I'd been working on that one a while. I have a good one about the new NXT title belts for our review show too...