Wrestlemania 33



AS: Another clean sweep from the panel for Triple H

JJ: Aye I saw there were new title belts on NXT Takeover last night and can only jump to money shot conclusions for the change. Gonna throw out a few names and let me know if you think they'll be seen tonight The Rock Finn Balor The Hardys?

Alistair Sargent

Rock yes. Hardys maybe. Seth no.

Alistair Sargent

Finn no even. FS, might be a long night...

JJ: The ramp is 80 yards long. Run ins and the Undertaker's entrance will be amusing.

AS: The longest ramp in Wrestlemania history. The Undertaker's entrance will take us right through to Mania 34

AS: Interestingly they used golf buggies to bring certain talents to the ring during the Rumble when the ramp was around half that size

AS: Here is the ramp in question. I'd be straight in to a rest hold from the bell after that ring walk!

JJ: I should have learned from last year. Half hour in and it's just mindless chatter on the pre-show. Go listen to our podcast. It's better. Seriously. Lita on the panel now.

Alistair Sargent


JJ: Speaking of the podcast, something I asked and haven't found out yet. Will we see Handsome Rusev tonight?

AS: Al Roker is going to be the special ring announcer for Cena and Nikki vs. Miz and Maryse. Pardon my ignorance, but who!?!

Jody Jamieson

I have no idea.

JJ: Cruiserweight title match coming up now. Austin Aries challenges Neville. Ally will take you through play-by-play. I'll chip in if needed.