Wrestlemania 33



JJ: Neville just abour broke his arse on that back drop to the outside.

AS: Huge flipping moonsault from the Neville from the middle ropes misses. Pendulum elbow counter by Aries. Neville charges Aries against the ropes and is dumped over the top hard. Leaping forearm and the heat seaking missile from AA. 2 count.

AS: Neville backs Aries in to the corner, ref breaks them and Neville nails Aries with a big pump kick. Lifts Aries to the top rope

AS: Superplex attempt by Neville. Aries blocks and shoves Neville off but he lands on his feet only for AA to land sweet with a missile drop kick

JJ: I'm convinced that was Chris Pratt they zoomed in on in the crowd. PS crowd shots after near falls are so annoying and lame.

AS: Snap German suplex from Neville folds Aries up like a cheap suit

JJ: Concussion city on that suplex on Austin Aries. Landed on his head.

AS: Deadlift bridging suplex at the second attempt from Neville after AA blocked the first attempt and landed a super kick.

AS: I can see my predictions failing at the first attempt here...

AS: Neville looking for the rings of saturn but AA reverses to the roll up. Discuss five arm by Aries but Neville tumbles out the ring