Wrestlemania 33



JL: The greatest. A part of my childhood has just been ripped away.

AS: Taker breathing deep as he went through his ritual. A very emotional man behind those dark lights

JJ: Sad that he went out with two Mania losses to be honest.

HC: He's going to raise his fist at the top of the ramp one last time, and we're all getting a little teary.

AS: Taker is dropped in to the ramp, with his fist defiantly raised. The gongs sound. Excellent exit in the end

JL: Goosebumps watching his final moments. If you wasn't moved by that then you won't be moved ever.

HC: A very poignant ending here. The Undertaker looks back one last time, and raises his fist aloft. I raise mine too. Dong, dim the lights, and fade to black.

JJ: Well, that was a downer of a way to end Wrestlemania!

Well boys, it's been emotional. Alistair Sargent signing off at the end of a very long night. Thanks, Jody, James and Howard for sharing the journey. See everybody soon. It'll be rush hour traffic for my drive home from my mates. Catch ye

And that is me signing off, I've been James Leahy, thanks to Jody, Howard and Alistair for the company, on a night where the Undertaker retired, good night all!