Wrestlemania 33



Kalisto and Gotch eliminated quickly by Strowman.

AS: Braun up to about 5 eliminations already. Big Show 2 or 3. As I thought.

Last year Kalisto defended the US title at Mania. This year he's a geek. Goldust, an Uso and Heath Slater out. Big Show and Strowman doing all the destruction. Konnor from the Ascenscion tossed.

AS: There is Luke Harper in there as well. What a waste.

BIG MEN FACE OFF! Sami Zayn ruins it by attacking Braun. Half the ring trying to eliminate Show. Half of them trying to eliminate Braun. Braun breaks free and tosses Big Show!

The whole world eliminates Braun! Who the hell wins now?

I just saw Curt Hawkins! He's eliminated.

AS: We did not see that coming!! Damo is winning this

To give you an idea who's in who might win. Zayn. Ziggler. That's about it. Still about 20 bodies.

Ziggler dumps R-Truth.