Wrestlemania 33



Ziggler dumps Rhyno. Boooooooooooooooooooo.

AS: Agree with Jody. Very few realistic winners left. I'd add Luke Harper to his list of Zayn and Ziggler

Christ I knodn't even notice Luke Harper. I still can't find him.

Wait no I've found Harper. The new black wife beater distracted me. Bunch of geeks just eliminated. And then Jordan and Gable just got tossed by Killian Dane/Big Damo.

AS: There's yer Damo just dumped the former Smackdown tag champs. Push.

The Chinese guy who's name I don't know just tossed both the Fashion Police. Mark Henry just got dumped too. We're down to about 12.

Bing his name is. Just superkicked out by Ziggler. Other Colon just got eliminated.

Jinder Mahal working over Titus O'Neill. Wrestlemania everybody.

Right we have Harper, Ziggler, Crews, O'Neill, Rawley, Dain, Zayn, Dallas and Mahal left. Mojo just dumped Dallas.

LOL MOJO JUST DUMPED ZIGGLER! And it was a botch as Ziggler was supposed to go out on a shoulder tackle.


Ziggler might as well ask for his release on his way up the ramp.