The Labour Slump Continues

UK Politics


Another day. Another poll. Another miserable result for the Labour party. Yes, the Guardian/ICM poll released today shows Jeremy Corbyn's lot are down to just 25% share of the vote. This equals their joint equal lowest showing, level with 1983 when this fella was in charge.

The poll shows the Tories on 43% (-2% from their last poll), UKIP and the Lib Dems on 11% (+1% for Nuttall's cronies and +2% for whoever is leading the Lib Dems these days). Popping those figures into our ByTheMinute computer brings us this results at the 2020 election (when only 600 seats wil be up for grabs under new boundary changes!)

Grim reading for anyone still in the Corbyn camp. A Tory majority that size might be the only thing that removes Jeremy from office, although I dare say a failure in the up-coming local elections will have another leadership challenge waiting in the wings. Talking of local elections...there's potentially some good news for Labour in those.

There was a report that Labour and the Tories may only be separated by 2% points in the voting in May's council elections. Yesterday it emerged that Colin Rawlings and Michael Thrasher predict a 31%-29% split in those. That might just allow Corbyn some wriggle room in the battle to remain on the Labour throne. For a wee while longer.

Just before going today, I'll leave you with this. A Guardian/ICM poll from this week in 1997. Oh, how the picture looked different back then... Ta ta x