University Challenge: Semi Final No.2



It's Monday night which can only mean one thing. It's #UniversityChallenge night! Last week's semi final billed the Monkman against the Seagull - quizzing's equivalent of Alien vs Predator. Tonight it's Edinburgh v Balliol, who will meet the Monkman in the final? Join me, 8pm, for all the action as it happens. No conferring!

It's semi-final time! Go mad!!!

Edinburgh havent lost a match. Smith is the star player. Boyle is the Jesus lookalike captain. I couldnt understand what Dale studied.

Balliol shoot into the lead and now have to answer questions on Morocco. I honeymooned there. Dont go.

Don't bring Harry

Potts has also been to Africa. Bought a shirt.

No getting away from it. Potts looks like a young Stephen Fry. Balliol 40-0 up already.

I didnt understand a word of that question. Or the one that followed it. Balliol did. They got them right and are already building up the kind of lead one might call ominous. 60-0

DRAMA. Stephen Fry interrupts, gets it wrong, Edinburgh SCORE!!

Smith does look a bit like the Bo Selecta bear, doesnt he?

Goldman shows Fry how to interrupt and Balliol build a lead with their knowledge of Latin terms for guidebooks. 80-20.

I am shouting out random character names from Clash of the Titans. It doesnt work.