University Challenge: Semi Final No.2



Balliol pass the 100 mark. Physics questions for them and a full set of bonus points. 120-20.

Edinburgh need something soon. They're over 100 points behind.

helen montgomery

they are making this a very dull contest...roll on the final

I have no idea what Smith said but it's right and Edinburgh have a bonus round. Sadly their classical music knowledge is on a par with mine. On a roll now, their knowledge of Belgian history gets them past 50. Smith has a glass of water. Will it refresh his teams chances?

A second interruption penalty for Potts. His shirt is awful.

A guessed answer of "Privet" gets the Balliol team laughing amongst themselves. The final's theirs and they know it.

Balliol smashing answers out the park. Goldman may lack the intensity of a Monkman, the exuberance of a Seagull but he's a damned fine player.

Edinburgh are unlucky. Bonus rounds seem to be on things they know nothing about. That said, they reach 100 points themselves now.

The fightback is on. Probably too little too late but Edinburgh know their medieval history. Balliol 205. Edinburgh 120.

Balliol are the winners. 215 points to 140. Congrats to them, commiserations to Edinburgh. Next week, the final. I've been @fourfoot. See you again....