The 1992 General Election: Minute-By-Minute

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ByTheMinute 1992

Good morning politics fans! I've managed to get the ByTheMinute time machine up and running once more and I've transported back to 1992 for the General Election results. I'm expecting a close one. Neil Kinnock thinks he'll be PM. John Major reckons it'll be his once more. Only time will tell. But in the meantime, CUE THE MUSIC!

The wonderful Harry Hayfield is up for the long haul today too. Here's the seats Labour need to win in order to regain the keys to Downing Street over the next few hours.

Harry's even got the Lib Dem target seats in as well. What a fella he is!

This is your 5 minute warning. Dimblebot will be gargling water to strengthen his voice. I believe he may well have a special guest with him this year too...

TITLE MUSIC!!!!! Makes you proud to be British, right?

Dimbleby is guiding us around the key areas where the BBC will be throughout the night. There's a bank of MASSIVE computers. Spreadsheets galore. Peter Snow is in position at his big screen. A full 40 inches I believe. Peter Sissons is doing the interviews from high above. And, yes, Rory Bremner is the man on the street in Manchester. Exit poll is on it's way in mere minutes.

10pm The exit poll is in! Hung parliament is the likely result. Tories short by 10, Labour short by 13. Result expected is Tories short by 25. The drama! THE DRAMA I TELL YOU!!!

Peter Snow's graphics are just too much for me to take in. The numbers are Labour on 298. Lib Dems on 24. Other parties take 28. Tories predicted to take 301. Could be anyone in government then. Unless the exit poll is wrong of course. But that never happens...

Emperor Slowking

ITV saying 304 - 295.

Roddy Graham

Thanks Emperor! Looks like it's too close to call right now. But I have a sinking feeling Major might get closer to that majority than predicted...

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I guess for the next couple of hours it'll be chitter chatter over the exit poll, the campaign and generally anything else that Auntie Beeb fancies talking about before the first result comes in. Jeremy Paxman is outside Neil Kinnock's gaff. Seems to be wearing a yellow mac. Eurgh.

Jack Cunningham thinks the Tories have suffered the worst defeat in 45 years. Seems VERY confident. Not ruling out an overall Labour majority. If he's wrong, that'll make an EXCELLENT meme, readers.