Argentina Moto GP

Moto GP


Hello everybody and Welcome! I am Ewan (@ewanssports) here with the MotoGP! If you want to see the grid, look here for the grid and here for my coverage of qualifying: Also, a poll is running at @ByTheMinMotoGP so quickly take part! Who will win!?

The Race will start in 25 minutes at 8pm BST.

Any predictions? I'm predicting Marquez, Vinales, Crutchlow, Rossi.

I have a chat up and running right here: The Grid was surprising, where do people think Abraham will be? I predict around 16th.

The Poll's results are... Marquez 19% Vinales 15% Rossi 54% Other 12% The Rossi fandom showing themselfs That was out of 26 votes on @ByTheMinMotoGP

5 minutes to start!

Here we go, Forza Valentino! Go Cal Go Brad! Go Scott! Viva Maverick!


Marquez Leads, Crutchlow 2nd. SOMEONE CRASHES! LORENZO CRASHES! Marquez flying away, Crutchlow 2nd, Vinales up to 3rd, Rossi to 4th!

After lap one of 25 it's Marquez, Big Gap, Crutchlow, Vinales, Rossi, Petrucci