Theresa May Statement

UK Politics


So it's been announced that Theresa May will make a statement outside 10 Downing Street at 11:15 this morning, right after the Cabinet Meeting. We'll be here to cover it. Three main possibilities raised so far: Resignation, Early General Election, War. I reckon she's just lost her keys. Anyways, join us then for coverage of whatever it is she has to say.


Standing down due to illness

Current state of affairs.... nobody knows. Sky have been told off for speculating on May's illness, and everything from aliens to pregnancy has been put forward by an 'expert'. JUST WAIT 15 MINUTES FOR GOODNESS SAKE.

May has previously rejected the idea of an early election, and politicians never change their mind or tell anything other than the absolute truth, so we must believe her. Laura Kuenssberg disagrees, believing an election is imminent. Terrific. Just what we all needed.

For the Tories, an election probably makes sense. Corbyn and Labour are a mess, and May would surely secure a massive majority. Would also give her a mandate to deliver domestically and with regards to Brexit. However, is now really the time for an election? Do they not have enough to be getting on with?


There will be a General Election on the 8th June. Confirmed.

She says that since the referendum there has been economic growth that has "exceeded all expectations", completely against all the reports that suggested we would face great difficulty.

Now waffling on about Brexit, and trade deals with "old friends, and new partners around the world." Says an election is needed as the other parties disagree with her plan for Brexit and deals around the world, with Labour, LD, and the SNP all determined to slow the process down. May says she is "not prepared for them to endanger the security of millions of working people across the country."

"If we do not hold a General Election now, their political game playing will continue. Division in Westminster will risk our ability to make a success of Brexit. We need a General Election, and we need one now." Do we? Do we really?

She will put forward the motion to Parliament tomorrow, and it will need two thirds of MPs to vote for it for an election to take place. Says this is the chance for other parties to fully challenge the Conservatives.