Theresa May Statement

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"Every vote for the Conservatives will mean a Stronger Britain. It was with reluctance that I decided this country needed a General Election." Just a few weeks after she so strongly denied an election would take place. Politicians, eh?

And that will do, as she turns back into 10 Downing Street. All done and dusted three minutes before she was scheduled to start. Emphasised her determination to see Brexit through, and feels the only way to deliver the Brexit she wants is to prevent opposition parties from stalling her every step of the way.

Paul Chapman

also known as "doing their jobs" know Theresa, it's called "opposition" for a reason.

How will it play out? All the polls suggest May should storm this election and have a huge majority. But then polls have not been in the finest form recently, so who knows. Imagine if this completely went against her and she lost the election. Won't happen, but just imagine.

Paul Chapman

Emboldened by Erdogan watching Turkeys vote Christmas, she probably sees this as a way to cement her dictatorship. This could be less an election and more a referendum on referenda. Having nixxed "IndyRef2" as it would be unfair to ask people to vote without knowing all the facts on Brexit, she's doing this??

Oh good, now we get the bit where journalists shout out Cabinet Ministers leaving Number 10. "Mr Johnson, are you looking forward to an election?" He gets the square root of nothing in response. Average polls suggest Conservatives at 42%, Labour at 27%. We shall see.

I will leave you there. My prediction? SNP to stay with pretty much the same number of seats, Lib Dems to do well and get back to more like 40/45 MPs, Labour to lose seats all over the shop, Tories to make big gains, and UKIP to continue being completely irrelevant. We'll be here for all the build-up to June 8th. Thanks for following.... enjoy your afternoons!

I'm back for some quick reaction! Iain Duncan Smith agrees with the decision, believing May needs to have that mandate to push through her Brexit plan. Tim Farron is also piping up, telling the people this is their chance to avoid a hard Brexit. LD's could do incredibly well, campaigning on that one issue. Could be massive for them.

IDS suggesting May isn't bothered about Corbyn, and his vulnerability isn't a factor in calling the election. LIES. LIES. LIES. The Lib Dems pointing out how May has gone back on her words. Again. Believe they are the only way of preventing a Tory landslide. Tim Farron must be skipping around with excitement.

Quick statement from the Lib Dems. Nothing from Corbyn... who'd have thought. He'll be in for a shock when he wakes up from a nap in about an hour. If they had a vaguely competent leader, Labour could do very well in this election. As it is, they will almost certainly get battered.

Now just repeats of her speech, so I'll leave it for now. As soon as Corbyn and Labour wake up, we'll update you. Could be a while though, so get the kettle on.

AHA! Corbyn has taken to Facebook and has confirmed he is in favour of the election going ahead. June 8th it is.... TO THE POLLS!


This is really bad for labor, they needed those 3 more years to attempt to even out the party and get their ratings back up! This happening now will either destroy labor, or unite it. But either way, their gonna lose a lot of seats, mp's and shadow ministers in the process.


Their is sadly no opposition to May winning the election. As much as Corbyn tries, the media, bad decisions and even his own party is destroying him.