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Hello, Ewan here, with a small political blog, I hope the 2% of you that don’t get offended by this enjoy! Anyway, first is a disclaimer. Anything written here are my personal views, not that of the whole of ByTheMinute. It would be a shame for one report to show the views of all of BTM with such diverse writers, from a person who ran for MP to Gary Linker who even did some golf once.

So, to give some background. Theresa May has announced that there will be a snap general election on June 8th 2017. Now, some very politically clued up reader may say, "but in 2010 the Lib Dem-Tory coalition banned snap elections!" Well, they actually made it so they can do it with a 2/3 majority in the House of Commons, those sneaky Tories!

This, plus not wanting an election, is quite undemocratic which means that right now, when Labour is 10-20% (depending on who’s poll you believe) down in the polls, it’s a perfect time for a general election. As such to able (as Nicola Sturgeon said herself) “To Impose a Hard Brexit upon the population” and strengthen her grip on the House of Commons.

I have also found a very interesting thing out about the date, two things in fact: 1. it is 2 days after D-Day, so all of the parties will be able to use that to death to get voters to join their side.

2. May (When ironically the General Elections are meant to be held) is held in a time of which not much is happening for the Young Adult; however, June is when Exams and A-Levels start! So, that generally Labour voting young population, have less chance of turning up to the election booths!

Tim Bonville-Ginn

Thank god

Next issue: Brexit, we’re gonna have to accept it’s gonna happen. We are gonna have to make it as good as possible. It’s particularly bad we’re losing the human rights with the Tories still in charge but let’s just hope their plan goes well. Oh. Wait. (Just to remind you I’m a remain supporter).

Next, Labour. The entire reason this snap election happened was because Labour were 10-20% down in the polls. If the Blairites stopped moaning and voted Labour like they are supposed to anyway, then you won’t get the Tories in charge! Instead you go to the opposite to what you’re meant to be voting for.

If Labour was to all get behind Jeremy Corbyn and stop moaning, then this will be a close election, because the Members aren’t gonna oppose Corbyn for a long time and he’s confirmed he’s not gonna be stepping down. Stop buying into the media saying how he’s not good enough opposition! He’s perfect opposition! With the NHS, Minimum Wage etc!

Matthew Lowson

He'll probably resign if he gets a heavy defeat. It's a shame really because I fear that there'll be some in the Labour party who won't lose sleep over an unwinnable election because it would remove Corbyn from the picture


I agree with you completely, I just hope the defeat isn't as heavy as the polls show.

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The way the UK General Election works is that we vote for MP’s that are (Mostly) Part of a political party, however, the Prime Minister is the leader of the party that got the most MPs. So the PM isn’t voted for by the people, however, the PM is voted for by the people if it’s a Labour PM! In Labour, the Leader is voted for by the members of the party!

What do I want to see out of this General Election? Well, I have a plan to make Labour win this election; I call it Operation End of May! Labour, SNP, Green, Lib Dem SUPER COALITION! SNP gets Scottish Referendum for their trouble, Green gets more Green policies, and Lib Dems get liked again!