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Goal! Monaco!

Superb stuff from Monaco. Average defending mind. Lemar and Mendy combine to get into Mbappe's feet, back to Lemar, sweet cross, Falcao gets in front of his marker and plants a bullet header low past Burki. Monaco 2-0 Dortmund (18)

Commentators said a few times what I said pre game about Pulisic not playing. They're also wondering why Dembele isn't playing. Monaco 2-0 Dortmund (20)

Mbappe is so quick that he's too quick for himself as he tries a give and go with Falcao that doesn't come off as former slips over. This football from Monaco is glorious to watch. Monaco 2-0 Dortmund (22)

Toure wins a corner off Guerreiro as he tries to enter the box. Monaco 2-0 Dortmund (23)

Lemar to take, near post, Bakayoko misses it, Durm slices it wildly for a corner on the opposite side. Monaco 2-0 Dortmund (23)

Moutinho to take, decent whip on it but it's just beyond the jumping Falcao. Monaco 2-0 Dortmund (24)

Dortmund preparing to bring on Dembele already. Monaco 2-0 Dortmund (24)

Dortmund sub: Off: Durm On: Dembele Monaco 2-0 Dortmund (26)

Dembele already making his presence felt as he plays a lovely switch over to Reus and he almost splits the Monaco defence with a slide rule pass but it's intercepted. Monaco 2-0 Dortmund (28)