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Don't forget Barca and Juventus also playing tonight. So far so good for the Turin side.

Dortmund with their most sustained period of possession of the game, trying to get into the game. Monaco 2-0 Dortmund (30)

Dembele wins a free kick centrally, about 35-40 yards out. Reus to take and it's cleared. Monaco 2-0 Dortmund (31)

Dortmund going the more aerial root with crosses into the box and balls over the top to Aubameyang. Monaco dealing with them very comfortably however. Dortmund not threatened since the Reus volley. Monaco 2-0 Dortmund (34)

Both goals available to view on the highlights tab. This game was on speed for the first 20-25 minutes, however it's been on valium last 5-10 minutes as Dortmund try and find a way back into this tie. Monaco 2-0 Dortmund (37)

Lovely play as Dembele with an incisive pass into the box to Reus who tries a first time pass to Aubameyang but Subasic smothers. Monaco 2-0 Dortmund (38)

The ball finds Guerreiro left side of the box about 8 yards out, he tries to find Aubameyang in the 6 yard box rather than shooting and it's cleared. Should have shot. Kagawa is fouled left side about 20 yards out. Reus to take but Subasic comfortably dances over to catch. Monaco 2-0 Dortmund (41)

Lovely ball by Piszczek behind Mendy, Dembele just runs out of room however and it's out for a goal kick. Monaco 2-0 Dortmund (43)

Half Time at the Camp Nou. 0-0 there. 3-0 on aggregate to Juventus. Monaco 2-0 Dortmund (44)

1 minute added on. Monaco 2-0 Dortmund (45)