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Whipped in by Guerreiro, flicked on by Toure and it's behind Aubameyang at the far post. Monaco 2-1 Dortmund (58)

Dortmund have a free kick on the left wing, Reus to take. It's poor and it's headed away for a throw. Monaco 2-1 Dortmund (60)

Piszczek wins a corner off Mendy. Guerreiro to take. Cleared by Bakayoko. Monaco 2-1 Dortmund (62)

Big chance to finish things by Falcao. Ball over the top, Falcao is onside, jinks inside, tries to dink it over the keeper but it's too high. Monaco 2-1 Dortmund (65)

Dembele is found right side of the box, he squares it hopefully but there's no-one there and Bakayoko clears. Schmelzer with a long shot left side about 25-30 yards out but it's straight at Subasic who just about smothers it. Monaco 2-1 Dortmund (66)

Monaco sub: Off: Falcao On: Dirar Monaco 2-1 Dortmund (66)

Barca still struggling to break down the Juventus defence. Anthony Hart has it here. Less than 20 minutes to go there of normal time.

Mbappe give and go with Toure, the former is found inside of the box right side, he goes low, Burki gets a good hand to it wide of the post. Called a goal kick however. Monaco 2-1 Dortmund (69)

Still no Pulisic for Dortmund. Don't get it at all. Monaco 2-1 Dortmund (70)

Off: Guerreiro On: Pulisic Monaco 2-1 Dortmund (72)