We're all just wasting our time...


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Is there anybody left who thinks that they can make a difference?

Snap election, your vote matters, brexit, trump, russia... there's a big game, folks... and you aint playing.

Think of it like chess. We are pawns... in our BILLIONS... and there are kings, and queens... But, ultimately, there's a russian playing a big computer

Freedom is a myth. Everyone is in debt. Do it over, and would you choose this? To give 1/3 of your time to sleep, 1/3 to WORK??? To go into a grey office, and fill out data on a computer screen... while you wait for the bombs to drop?

Your boss is a c***

Politicians are liars

The world revolves and no one... NO ONE will ever answer your question... "what's the point?"

You don't HAVE to do this... you don't HAVE to be enslaved. You can... if you're clever about it... find freedom.

If you think outside the chessboard, you can FLY.

Loosen the tie... take it up off over your head. And put it in the bin. Don't ever wear ties again. FUCK ties.