We're all just wasting our time...


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Least of all me

Don't LISTEN TO ANYONE but yourself - delete the programming that has been done TO you since you slithered out of your mother

Put it down, put it away. Do a cliche - smell a flower, look at a sunset. HAVE A WANK. You can be free, if you want.

Meanwhile you stare into the screen of your phone, letting stories from around the planet terrify you. The bell rings. You line up.

What worries you? Bills? Aging? Getting sick? None of it matters - you have no choices.

Everything you think matters, doesn't matter one bit. And you pay almost no mind to the things that do - you take them for granted, whilst you waste your time worrying about the bullshit

If you don't... you're wasting your time.

Start saying no

What if you raised a chicken?

Why is it that your rulers purchase private debt, and hand it to you?