We're all just wasting our time...


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The tie is a noose

Literally choking you, taking away the oxygen your wonderful brain needs to do its magic - they don't want you to use it for magic... they don't want you to use it at all

Have you ever stopped and thought "What if i just dont", when you're looking at whatever menial task is in front of you? You can do that, you know. The earth won't stop spinning.

What is the WORST that can happen?

You lose your job?

You'd be the most free you've ever been

What if you grew vegetables instead?

What if you tell your credit cards to piss off? What are they going to do?

What choices would you make if you weren't afraid all the time? If you KNEW how things were going to go, and you stopped believing the MOUNTAIN OF INSUFFERABLE BULLSHIT that is pumped your way via print, the TV, the radio....?

What if you threw your smartphone down a drain?

Paul Chapman

I'd not be reading this if I had.