We're all just wasting our time...


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The bell rings... You're allowed to leave. You're an "adult" now... we;ve programmed you.

You're part of society now... look, we'll even allow you to "vote"... 4 years after you were allowed to work and pay tax.

TO VOTE!!!!!! That's the biggest giveaway in the damn game. Do you HONESTLY believe the chess player is listening to his pawns?

Hey... check it out, look at this.... you're FREE!!!! No more classrooms, we have lecture halls. No more revision, we have dissertations. No more uniforms, we have peer pressure. You're FREE kid... you can be anything you want. Sign here. And here. Here's your credit card.

Do you think the chess players took "slavery" and said.... "this is a bad idea. Get rid of it"??? Or is it more likely that they said, "how can we repackage this concept, and widen it to 99% of the planet. How can we enslave BILLIONS of people. And make them think their chains, are choices?

Personal debt. The chains you wear.

Why is it that your rulers purchase private debt, and hand it to you?

What if you raised a chicken?

Start saying no

If you don't... you're wasting your time.