UKIP Election Candidate Makes Interesting Pitch

UK Politics


UKIP candidates are normally an outspoken bunch at the best of times. However, I came across this story today and had to share it with you. Introducing Gisela Allen, the party's council candidate for Garscadden/Scotstounhill in the west of Glasgow. Her opening gambit is "The SNP is a public danger. We are heading for World War III". Strong, that. Whether the two are linked is unclear.

Next on her hit list is, naturally, building communities. How does this work in the mind of a UKIP-er? - Opening community gardens - Opening public toilets - Abolishing all golf courses (environmental threat and threat to safety of people, apparently) - Support riding stables for children I'm honestly not making any of this up by the way.

Continuing the environmental theme, Gisela wants all plastic bags abolished because, and I quote, "they are a threat to animals, dolphins and whales". Quite she separated dolphins and whales from all the other animals I don't know.

In education terms, she would not have any sex education in schools at all. Nurseries shouldn't get any support. Also every class "should have a classroom and not get moved around". Literally have not got a scooby what she means. She must have had a right session when she wrote this down.

Gisela has some strong views on the gay community, but since she's a UKIP member that will not come as a surprise to you. She says "I don't want any LGBT community, it's private life and none of anyone's business." What a walloper!

Most bizarrely of all (yes, it goes beyond what you've read so far folks!) she says "people are becoming far too old". I have to admit I howled with laughter at that line. DAMN YOU OLD PEOPLE AND YOU'RE LACK OF DEATH! Gisela wants pension age to go to 70 and free bus passes scrapped because "these people should be encouraged to walk". LOL.

The final part of the most remarkable pitch for public election I've seen in a long time, Gisela says she wants to bring back the death penalty. This is an actual quote. "It doesn't necessarily have to be hanging. You could have the guillotine." Yeah, don't get the rope out. Just sharpen a blade to cut through someone's neck instead folks.

THIS is the entire piece that I've commented on over the past few paragraphs. Do give it a read. It's certain to make you feel better about yourself knowing there's someone with these views living and breathing in this country. Thanks for reading.