Moto GP Qualifying

Moto GP


Hello everybody and welcome! I'm Ewan here with the MotoGP Qualifying. Before we start, we are in desperate need of a writer for the race at 8pm tommorow, so if you can help, do go to The Week on ByTheMinute on the top right of your screen and sign up! So first, Rins will sadly not be competing the rest of the weekend as he has been declared unfit to race after a crash in FP3.

There are 3 Practice Sessions, FP1-3, The best time for each rider in practice is then put on a leaderboard, the top 10 go straight to Q2 to battle for the first 12 places on the grid, the rest go to Q1 where the top 2 there are put to Q2, the rest (According to there times in Q1) make up places 13 and more. then there is Q2 where the fastest time then gets pole, you got all that?

Q1 in 15 minutes, in Q1 is Smith, Lowes, Abraham, P.Espagaro, Rabat, Baz, Bautista, Barbera, A.Espagaro, Petrucci, Lorenzo (Surprise), Miller.

A separate MotoGP practise session has just ended, called FP4. Results were: Marquez Pedrosa Vinales Miller Crutchlow Zarco Dovizioso Baz Redding Iannone This gives us clues on who's fast right now.

Q1 begins now.

A.Espagaro Down! Rider OK!

After Most's first lap it's: Miller, Lorenzo, Baz, Barbera, Bautista, Smith, P.Espagaro DOWN! Rider OK! Bike Smashed!

6 minutes left to go! Miller, Lorenzo, Baz, Barbera, Rabat, Petrucci, Bautista, Abraham, Smith, Lowes

After everyone has a quick pit to change tyres they all go back out for a last few minutes bananza! 4 minutes to go!

Everyones on a flying lap bananza now! 1 minute to go!