London Marathon



This'll be an interesting poll...

At the 10km mark the fastest non elite runner had the time of the 27th elite runner.

Exact WR Pace from the Elite Men Right now. 9 runners 4 Pacemakers in the pack.

In the race to qualify for the World Athletics Championship between the Female Brits, the current 3 qualifiers are: Dixon, Purdue and Barlow

At 30km the current pace would put Keitany in a World Record by but 15 seconds! 1:20 gap to Dibaba and Kiprop!

In the Men's Race the men are predicted to be 30 seconds down on the WR at this Pace. 9 runners and 4 pacemakers in the pack at 20km

7km to go in the Women's Race! Keitany now 20 seconds down on Paula's World Record! However, this is surely gonna be the 2nd best Marathon ever, as this Wikipedia page shows.

Ok everyone, Keitany has to finish by 11:30.26 today to get a WR!

Dibaba has some kind of Stomach Cramps! She has stopped! She's going again but she won't win! Let's hope she keeps 2nd!

40km! 2:16.44 is the time predicted! It looks like it's not gonna be a WR...