ByTheMin Fat Club Week 3



Hey all! On time this week and feeling good about things.

I lost 0.3KG this week. Doesn't sound like much but I was absolutely delighted with that.

Reason being I went to visit my parents last week. I didn't do as much (intensive) walking. In fact I missed 2 of the 3 slots last week and only managed to fit one in on Friday. We also went out for dinner/lunch a couple of times so I wasn't exactly eating as I had been, although I was careful to choose things that would be more healthy from the menu's.

So overall really happy with how I did in week 3. I also started off week 4 really well and here is a quick snapshot of Saturday's dashboard.

Did nearly 3 hours gardening/manual labour at a community project I am involved in. Most importantly I had nearly 2 hours in the fat burning zone. This was the longest period of three.

So with that, being back on the wagon in terms of eating and exercising I am hoping for good things from next week's weigh in. Until next week then!