John Higgins

Barry Hawkins



Hello! Thomas Frost back for the first session of the 2nd semi final between Barry Hawkins and John Higgins. About 5 minutes away from the start. Don't go away!

Intriguing game this. I have John winning this 17-14 as he's playing just stunning snooker right now but Barry doesn't roll over for anyone. Love Barry but I'd love to see John in the final again. Great player and great bloke.

So what do we think the score will be at the end of this session and at the end of the match itself?

Hazel and Parrott are talking for the moment. I like them both but let's (best Rob Walker impression) get the boys on the baize!

The Cliche King Rob Walker is here ready to introduce John and Barry.

Huge ovation for the popular Londoner.

Barry gets things underway in this semi final! JH 0-0 BH (0-0)

Dennis sums it up nicely as he often does saying it's the "Battle of the Nice Guys" tonight. JH 0-0 BH (0-0)

The first pot is beaut. John was uncharacteristically short with his safety and Barry thumps it into the corner and he has the first chance. JH 0-14 BH (0-0)

Barry of course left handed and Dennis mentioning there's something about left handers in snooker. They all seem to be really lovely players to watch. Robertson, Judd, Allen, Hawkins, White. JH 0-20 BH (0-0)