John Higgins

Barry Hawkins



Wow what a weird little few seconds. Barry ends up sticking the red up trying to play a containing safety and not only that carelessly flicks the black with the tip of his cue. JH 64-25 BH (4-2)

Barry needs a snooker and John pots the red to make sure of the frame. Barry concedes. A farcical moment there from Barry! JH 0-0 BH (5-2)

John breaks off the 8th and final frame of the session. Great length on the white. Tight on the baulk cushion. JH 0-0 BH (5-2)

Barry gets relatively close with a long red to the left corner. John pots one to the left corner and flicks off the pack and is unluckily snookered on the black. Plays safe off the yellow. JH 1-0 BH (5-2)

John misses a long red to the right corner by quite some distance. Doesn't look like he's left anything. JH 1-0 BH (5-2)

John's safety better there. Leaves Barry tight on the baulk cushion. Much more like the John we're used to. JH 1-0 BH (5-2)

Barry forced to go for a red to the left corner, gets the dreaded double kiss (or DDK has Dennis has just called it). Leaves John right in the balls here. JH 10-0 BH (5-2)

About 5 loose reds for John for the timebeing. JH 32-0 BH (5-2)

John carelessly leaves himself close to the blue and high on it. Not much control of what happens next, uses the pack as a stopper. Pots the red but misses the blue to the top right corner. Chance for Barry to get right back in this final frame of the session. JH 39-8 BH (5-2)

Few highlights for you on the highlights tab for your viewing pleasure. JH 39-17 BH (5-2)