John Higgins

Barry Hawkins



John goes as far as potting the pink and doesn't bother with the black and he wins the first frame of this semi final. JH 0-0 BH (1-0)

John breaks off frame 2 and allows a red to come up slightly right and up of the blue spot.

Thought Barry was thinking about a thin one to the right middle but instead pots it dead centre of the right corner. Fabulous pot.

Goes out of position for the next red however and messes up the safety, hitting the blue on the way and leaves John a pot to the right corner. High on the black, pots it well and goes into the pack with good pace but not on anything and plays safe. JH 8-6 BH (1-0)

Blue up near the baulk line and John plays a clever snooker between the blue, brown and green that Barry escapes from. JH 8-6 BH (1-0)

Barry's safety is on the thick side, leaves a red over the right corner. Bit risky so John rightly decides to play safe. Bit hard so doesn't get the desired snooker and leaves Barry a chance to the right corner. Barry jaws it but finds a gap to leave the white north east of the blue spot. JH 8-6 BH (1-0)

John had a pot to the right corner. Perhaps put off by the green he was leaning over he misses it. Barry has a red to the left corner but is miles away, collides into reds and leaves John right in the balls. That was such a terrible shot by Barry. Good chance to get a big lead here for John. Reds looking nice. JH 16-6 BH (1-0)

John making slightly hard work of this. Willie reckons he missed a trick by not freeing the trio of reds that are around the black spot, early in the break. JH 29-6 BH (1-0)

Blue not on its spot so having to go for medium length baulk colours. Misses the brown. Lucky not to leave Barry anything harder but a nice clip on a red near the right cushion into the right corner. JH 29-12 BH (1-0)

The white bounces violently in the air as Barry tries to develop the trio of reds off the black. Has to play safe. Good length on the white but he's left John a red over the right corner, potted, collides into another red but has the black to the left middle. Wobbles but goes in. Another good chance for John. JH 37-22 BH (1-0)