John Higgins

Barry Hawkins



John missed 2 pretty simple pots that he cued poorly but Barry kept misssing and especially the red that cost him the frame that he missed by a foot. John wasn't at his best to start with but took the balls pretty well after that. Barry needs to get going soon.

John gets the 4th frame underway. Last frame before the mid-session interval. Barry's highest break is only 20 so far! JH 0-0 BH (3-0)

As Willie has said on commentary if John had got three 80 breaks Barry could sit there and think I've not had a chance but he's had his chances. That's what will worry him. Thick safety from Barry leaves John a red to the left corner dead straight. Pots it. Superb cueing, head so still on the shot. Chance for John to score a few here. JH 9-0 BH (3-0)

John is picking these off well. Looking confident in this break. JH 69-0 BH (3-0)

Kiss of death! John misses a sitter to the left middle, to the far jaw. That was frame ball. Lapse in concentration. Careless from John. Loose red available but Barry spots a plant to the left middle and takes it on and pots it. On the black. JH 69-8 BH (3-0)

Black wipes its feet before going in, leaves Barry with a tough red bridging over another red, but pots it sweetly to the right middle. Barry still not goe the cue ball on the string here. Leaving himself with more to do than is necessary. JH 69-23 BH (3-0)

There's a tough red on the bottom left railing but not as hard being a left hander. JH 69-39 BH (3-0)

Is on the red. Big shot for Barry this. Pots it, screws on to the blue. Pots it and we're down to the colours. JH 69-45 BH (3-0)

Straight on the brown so has no choice to be high on the blue. On the pink that is on the green spot. Needs the rest. JH 69-59 BH (3-0)

Misses it and sticks it up for the right corner. JH 69-59 BH (3-0)