John Higgins

Barry Hawkins



Pots it and John eventually wins the frame. That's a choker for Barry to lose that is. It was the shot from green to brown that cost him the frame for me. Got too straight on the brown, meant he had to be high on the blue, couldn't get good on the pink. Join me in about 20 minutes. John leads 4-0 at the interval.

We're back! Barry breaks off in frame 5. Good length on the white. I bet he was on the practice table in the interval! JH 0-0 BH (4-0)

John hits the yellow on a safety, leaves Barry with a pot to the right corner. Barry misses it by a mile, red comes up, deflects off the white and they both come up to baulk. Leaves the red on for John. JH 6-0 BH (4-0)

John goes into the reds off the black, doesn't develop any reds and is out of position. Plays safe. John will be irked by only making 30 there I reckon. JH 30-0 BH (4-0)

John's safety wasn't good enough, Barry responds with a better one. John goes too firm and to the side of the red as he looks to hit a red full that was on the bottom rail. Going by the red meant he left the red on for Barry. JH 30-7 BH (4-0)

Barry picks off the last loose red. Very high on the black to try and split the reds. Played it perfectly and unlucky not to be on anything easier but should still pot the red to the right middle and does. Up for the pink that was in baulk. JH 30-38 BH (4-0)

Plays the pink too firmly and leaves himself a dicy thin red that he doesn't entertain and plays safe. Careless shot on the pink there. JH 30-38 BH (4-0)

Cross double safety attempt from John and he sticks the red over the right corner as he collides into the pink in the baulk area. Barry pots the red and is on the black. Can he keep himself under control and seal his first frame? JH 30-52 BH (4-0)

Barry pots the penultimate red and the black which is frame ball. Tough red on the bottom rail that he sinks which means John won't come back to the table. JH 30-80 BH (4-0)

Bod MacNeil

thanks for the updates! Can't watch it which a work.

Thomas Frost

No problem! Any time.

With breaks of 38 and 62 Barry wins his opening frame. A sloppy safety from John allowed Barry a starter for that break. JH 0-0 BH (4-1)