John Higgins

Barry Hawkins



Barry misses a red to the left middle. John carries on. 3 snookers required. John one of few who would carrying with 3 snookers needed! JH 26-71 BH (4-1)

45 behind, 35 on. JH 26-71 BH (4-1)

John stuns behind the black off the last red to lay the snooker. JH 26-71 BH (4-1)

One cushion escape and misses the red by a mile. That's one of the 3 snookers John needs. JH 30-71 BH (4-1)

Bod MacNeil

Its not often you see players going up when 3 snookers are needed!

Thomas Frost

Commentator just said Ebdon told him he carried on against Bingham needing 4 snookers and got them all.

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Careless next shot from John as he puts the black safe. He also leaves Barry a chance of a long red to the top right and he pots with aplomb. Frame definitely over now. JH 26-77 BH (4-1)

Barry doesn't bother with the black. Barry has breaks of 59, 62 and 71 in the last 3 frames. He's cueing a lot better now. JH 0-0 BH (4-2)

He'll be trying to tie the session now but having been 4-0 down if Barry can share the last 2 frames and only be 5-3 down at the close he'll be happy with that. Barry breaks off frame 7. JH 0-0 BH (4-2)

John catches the green on a safety. Another loose safety. By his lofty standards (possibly the greatest safety player ever) his safety hasn't been always there last couple of frames. Leaves Barry a red to the left corner which he thumps in and follows it with a good blue to the top left. Overscrews for a desired red and plays safe. JH 0-6 BH (4-2)

Another poor safety from John. Leaves the white short of the baulk line and leaves a red over the right corner. John has played some really careless pots and safety shots last couple of frames. He wasn't outstanding in the first 4 frames really. He played pretty well but Barry was dire. JH 0-19 BH (4-2)

Goes thudding into the pink off the blue but needed to catch it full but caught it slightly 3/4 ball and leaves the white near the left corner. Has a tough red to the right middle that was mighty close but stays out and John has the same red to the left middle. JH 1-19 BH (4-2)