John Higgins

Barry Hawkins



John with a surprising shot. Thin yellow to the top left, plays with pace presumably to try and develop 2 reds. Goes by them, goes for one of them with the rest and pots it to the right corner. Pots the blue, collides into a red near the left side of the table and he's not on anything easy. JH 9-19 BH (4-2)

Plays safe. Maybe the pot wasn't on. Snooker was on for him but doesn't lay it behind the green. Barry's safety in response is short of the baulk line again. JH 9-19 BH (4-2)

Oh bugger! The feed is gone. "Temporary fault BBC Sport" comes up on my screen! We're back and we've missed a couple of pots to John by the looks if it. JH 17-19 BH (4-2)

Reds a little bit all over the place but not in terrible positions but he'll have to play a cannon as two reds are tied up south of the black spot. JH 30-19 BH (4-2)

Careless shot on a red leaves John having to bridge over a red for the pink. Having to bridge means that he couldn't do anything with the white when potting the pink to the right middle meaning he has to play safe. Yet more careless play from John but at least plays a good safety. JH 36-19 BH (4-2)

Containing safety from Barry on a red on the right rail. Leaves John a cut to the left corner. Forces it a bit, brings a red up the table and he's on the blue. JH 43-19 BH (4-2)

Low on the pink purposely to develop the red that was on the right cushion near the middle. Thumps a red into the heart of the top left. Jaws a pink off its spot! JH 57-19 BH (4-2)

That was frame ball. 38 the difference, 43 on. John with another poor safety leaves a red to the left corner which Barry takes. JH 57-20 BH (4-2)

Pots the blue instead of risking missing a medium length pink or black and needing a snooker. Good effort to come in and out of baulk for the red near the bottom cushion but hits it full face and has to play safe. JH 57-25 BH (4-2)

Just 35 left on. JH 57-25 BH (4-2)