Mark Selby

John Higgins



Here we are again. Thomas Frost here for the 3rd session of the 2017 World Snooker Championship between Mark Selby and John Higgins.

Selby was 10-4 down last night but won the last 3 frames of the session to keep himself in the hunt. Is he now favourite or is John favourite? Predictions?

Matt Verri

Selby wins from here for me. I'll go 18-16. Higgins has to get some momentum early.

MC King of the Cliche Rob Walker about to introduce the players. Let's get the boys on the baize!

Selby with the biggest forced smile I've seen since Shaun Murphy's against Ronnie as he entered the arena. Players shake hands. Selby gets frame 18 underway.

Selby left with a tough safety, tries to go thin, hits the bottom cushion and hits a red, sticking a red up. Black and pink tied up however so screws back for the blue but misses by a mile. Selby in with a good chance. MS 0-1 JH (7-10)

Pink is available as it happens, to the right corner. Blue next to a cushion and black definitely tied up for now. MS 4-1 JH (7-10)

Falls out of position, opts against a tough baulk colour so rolls up to the blue. John just about gets away with it as he hits a red softly to the right of the black. Selby with a shot to nothing, doesn't pot it. John with a pacy safety, leaves Selby a shot to the left corner. MS 10-1 JH (7-10) MS 4-1 JH (7-10)

Selby misses it, gets a fortunate double kiss twice and the red goes safe and the white is on the bottom cushion. MS 10-1 JH (7-10)

Bit of a scrappy frame. 6 reds surround the black. To be expected I guess. First frames of sessions in finals are often cagey and scrappy. MS 10-1 JH (7-10)

John with a bizarre safety as he overcuts a red to the left corner. He knocks a red onto the same red to the left corner. The black goes into the right corner. Black doesn't go to the right corner when it's respotted. MS 23-1 JH (7-10)