Mark Selby

John Higgins



Hendry commenting on John's body language. Reckons he looks depressed. No doubt Selby will have noticed. MS 0-0 JH (12-11)

Another poor safety from John and Selby has a pot to the left corner. John looks so down out there. When you're playing crap snooker is the most brutal sport there is. MS 0-0 JH (12-11)

Decides against it as he would have collided into other reds probably. Plays safe. MS 0-0 JH (12-11)

Atrocious safety shot and leaves an easy starter to the right corner for Selby. This is so hard to watch. I am sure the Selby fans are guffawing with laughter but for John fans like me or the neutrals it's crap. MS 3-0 JH (12-11)

Selby in prime position. Cueing like a dream. Can only see one outcome. In this frame and in the match. MS 44-0 JH (12-11)

201 points without reply now for Selby. MS 51-0 JH (12-11)

Pots frame ball to the right corner. MS 65-0 JH (12-11)

Selby breaks down but frame done. Selby wins the session 6-1 and has won 9 out of 10. Well that absolutely depressing viewing. Doubt I'll even bother to watch the evening session. The way both are playing John doesn't look like winning 1 frame yet alone 7.