Mark Selby

John Higgins



Selby plays a great safety as he snookers John behind the yellow. Tough shot ahead for John. Tries a 2 cushion escape misses it and goes in off the brown in the left middle. Selby askes John to play again. John does the same thing again. MS 8-29 JH (9-10)

John repeats the trick for a third time! This is quite funny! John, Selby and the crowd guffaw. MS 12-29 JH (9-10)

Yay! John hits it on the 4th attempt and gets a thin snick back to baulk. John laughs as he sits down. Back to serious business. MS 12-29 JH (9-10)

John falls short of baulk. Selby has a tough tempter to the right corner. MS 12-29 JH (9-10)

Pots it, white goes near the left cushion but is on the black to the right middle. MS 13-29 JH (9-10)

Black goes in. Curled in after it was set to the far jaw. Good chance for 10-10 this. MS 21-29 JH (9-10)

Wow! Selby misses a black of its spot! Concentrated so much on the cannon! Sticks a red up, black available. MS 29-30 JH (9-10)

John absolutely has to take advantage of this opportunity. Huge chance. Enough reds in open play to secure the frame. MS 29-45 JH (9-10)

Probably just needs to play one cannon which he just does there with the tied up pink and red. Looks like he stuck on the red but had the red over left middle. MS 29-58 JH (9-10)

Has a frame ball red to the left middle which he takes. Takes the blue which should be enough. Tough red ahead. Pots that as well to the left corner so that's definitely frame over. MS 29-80 JH (9-10)