Mark Selby

John Higgins



John clears up with a stunning 78. John edges 2 clear. MS 0-0 JH (9-11)

John starts frame 21. Last before the mid-session interval. MS 0-0 JH (9-11)

Little safety exchange to begin the frame. Selby finds a plant however and gets a favourable kiss on the brown. MS 5-0 JH (9-11)

Selby high on the blue, goes into the pink and the pack. Gets a good split, on a red but black goes safe. Pink and blue available however. MS 11-0 JH (9-11)

Selby not got a great angle on the pink, so much so he does not have an angle to disturb more reds. He's eyeing up a plant by the looks of it. He fooled me. Played safe off a red. MS 32-0 JH (9-11)

For the first time today John gets a run of the balls as he attempts to play safe, collides with a red, comes up with the white but goes safe. MS 32-0 JH (9-11)

Bit of a safety exchange going on for the moment. MS 32-0 JH (9-11)

Selby finds a red to the bottom right corner. Rolls up to the green. MS 33-0 JH (9-11)

John manages to nestle on the pack. Doesn't look like he's left ought on first look. Selby thinks he can find a potting angle of a red does he? Not sure. MS 33-0 JH (9-11)

He just couldn't find the angle. Wobbles in the jaws. What can John make of this chance? MS 33-0 JH (9-11)