Mark Selby

John Higgins



Not a frame winning opportunity at all yet. 2 reds near the bottom cushion. MS 33-7 JH (9-11)

John on a red to the right corner. Looks very tight and he manages to pot it off the near jaw. Well judged. MS 33-15 JH (9-11)

Two reds together south of the pink. John investigating if they go. He's played on one so I assume so. He pots it but pushes the white just too far and is out of position. Play safe off the green to play a telling safety. MS 33-28 JH (9-11)

5 the difference, 59 left on the table. MS 33-28 JH (9-11)

Safety battle for the moment. MS 33-28 JH (9-11)

John playing safe off a red, flukes it to the bottom right after deflecting off the blue and is on the blue. Down for a red to the bottom right corner. Pots it but miscued it so not good on a colour. Pots a good blue to the left middle. Plays a containing safety off one of the remaining two reds. MS 33-40 JH (9-11)

Iffy safety from John leaves Selby a chance for a long red to the right corner. Bizarre from John. Not sure what he played. MS 33-40 JH (9-11)

Pots it. On the green and got an angle to disturb the remaining red on the bottom cushion. MS 34-40 JH (9-11)

Hits the red but catches it too thin so just a safety shot. MS 37-40 JH (9-11)

Selby plays a telling safety and leaves John snookered on the red as he goes back to baulk behind the green. MS 37-40 JH (9-11)